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Morgan Ortagus Wiki Bio, Husband, Age【 Photos 】Married, Twin Sister

Morgan Ortagus Measurements
Personal Information Summary
Name Morgan Ortagus
Sister Megan Ortagus
Birthday / Morgan Ortagus Age / Date of Birth / DOB July 10, 1982. As of 2024, she is around 42 years old.
Wedding & Marriage / Husband / Dating / Partner / Boyfriend Married. Check the full bio for relationship details.
Did Morgan Ortagus serve in the military? She is an officer in the United States Navy Reserve.
Children / No. of Kids None
Ethnicity / Origin / Heritage / Race White
Nationality American
Wikipedia Biography / Profile Background

Introduction :

  • Morgan Deann Ortagus is a young American Foreign Policy and National Security Analyst, and a former Fox News contributor.
  • In April 2019, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo named Ortagus as the new State Department spokesperson.

Personal Life : Parents, Family and Education

  • Ortagus was born in 1982 to parents – Her father, Ronald E. Ortagus, was the owner of a franchisee of the cleanup and restoration company, Service Masters. Her mother, Denise C. Ortagus, was an office manager. She has a twin sister named Megan.
  • Morgan grew up in Polk County, Florida, where she met her first husband, US Marine, Joshua Dobbs. Her full name back then was Morgan Ortagus Dobbs. This later ended in a divorce.
  • In May 2013, Morgan Ortagus married Jonathan Ross Weinberger (an executive vice president for Veedims, a company based in Fort Lauderdale) in a Jewish Ceremony in Georgetown.
  • Education : Ortagus has graduated from Florida Southern College in 2005 with a B.S. in Political Science. She later earned a Masters of Administration from the John Hopkins University in 2009.
  • In 2013, she completed a Masters of Business Administration from the prestigious Carey Business School – John Hopkins University.
  • Ortagus currently has no children.

Professional Career, Salary and Net Worth :

  • After working on the political campaigns of Katherine Harris & KT MacFarlands, Ortagus gained experience working within the US Treasury before enlisting in the US Navy Reserve where she continues to serve since 2014.
  • Today, she holds a directorship at Standard Chartered Bank along with an Executive Directorship for Ernst and Young.
  • She is also a co-chair of the Washington based lobby group, Maverick PACS, while her philanthropic activities cover board positions for both the Elizabeth Dole Foundation and Friends of American University of Afghanistan.

Interesting Facts and Trivia :

  • A beauty pageant regular, Ortagus won the Miss Florida Citrus contest in 2002, including 4th and 3rd runner up places in respective Miss Florida pageants, the latter earning her 3000 dollars in scholarship money.
  • When Morgan was 13 years old, her pageant mentor, Malina Price-Bos of Auburndale, was killed by a drunk driver​. Since then she has been volunteering with DUI organizations such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD).
  • Currently, she has over 400,000 Twitter (now called X) followers on her verified account.

morgan ortagus navy pictures

Body Figure / Physical Info

Morgan Ortagus Measurements :

  • Eye Color : Blue
  • Haircut / Hair Color : Brown
  • How tall is Morgan Ortagus Height : 5′7″
  • Legs / Feet / Shoe Size : No confirmed information is available.
  • Pregnant? : Currently, she is not expecting a baby.

48 thoughts on “Morgan Ortagus Wiki Bio, Husband, Age【 Photos 】Married, Twin Sister”

  1. I really enjoy listening to Morgan. She’s thoughtful and just plain stunning. What else, oh, she’s a conservative. That would be the trifecta.

  2. Of all the Fox lady Contributors Morgan Best Fills The Role Of Replacing KG On The Five. The Five Needs A Service Rep As Well As A Smart Woman

  3. While I have seen her and meet with her several times. She is very smart and it has nothing to do with going to College or a University.
    . She will be the first one to tell you and I would agree.
    Colleges and Universities don’t have much to do with anything any more.
    They are a big waste of time and money.

    1. She has master degrees etc at prestigious universities. You think that doesn’t matter?. She is a qualified political analyst. She is also humble.

  4. Morgan- You’re great- The Skinny Jewish lady ( Tarlov)(was the worst ( I thought) then fox had to include that Elrod woman to their employment ranks. Do what you can to get rid of Elrod and get Tarlov back. Also, point out to the bosses that Banderous is the best and if she goes- many of us will too. Jim

  5. It seems Like comments from someone who 1st…Can’t get a date or have a masting relationship. And 2nd someone who only looks and judges beauty by outward appearances.

    While it is true Morgan Ortagus is a stunningly beautiful woman, I have heard her speak and it is quite clear that she is also well educated. Only after getting to know her personally would one be able to ascertain whether she has that “Inward Beauty” towards others.

    But until she shows me why she doesn’t I shall give her the common decency to assume she does.

  6. I watch all news channels and FOX is by far the one that stands out. People can learn about important issues in advance and well before other news outlets even mention the important breaking issues on their news programs. It appears all other news outlets are totally opposite of FOX News. FOX – It’s like that voice in the woods you seek to find and are drawn to once, and suddenly you see some beautiful people that are smart too and seem to not shame you with guilt for listening to others with opposing views. It never hurts to see someone like Morgan either. She’s got it all.

  7. Wow Lee!!! I think you have no clue as to what a bachelor and TWO master’s degree amounts to, plus her experience in the middle east as well as other entities with the Government. Your name is unisex so let me then tell you this, if you are a woman, your are obviously jealous of a smart, beautiful and accomplished woman. If you are a man, you are afraid of a smart, beautiful and accomplished woman. Kudos to Morgan and it is great to see a fresh face in the show.

  8. Who says that beauty and brains don’t go together! Fox News has a way of emerging them together. It’s refreshing to see the younger crowd that is also so aware of today’s complexity. They should team her up with Katie Pavlov and make a dynamic duo! Thanks Fox.

  9. Like all that speak, I agree for a young woman she is very educated. When I first saw Morgan I was pulled in by her beauty. I was concerned about the amount of make up. Probably the hair and makeup mistake. Then I find out that she is a Veteran. Icing on the cake. Thank you Morgan for your service. Good luck Morgan, God Bless. Look forward watching and listening to your success in the years to come.

  10. I’m impressed with her. Seen her many times on Fox. I have respect for her educational accomplishments as well as serving this country in the Naval Reserve. The fact that she is extremely beautiful doesn’t hurt either. Haters gonna hate as Taylor Swift says.

  11. Yes Morgan is beautiful! Any of you guys see the wedding band on her finger. I could do without the jealous hateful and ignorant comments. If you have nothing nice to say then shit up. Instead of having two 3 hour shows in the morning, rehashing the same thing over and over. Why doesn’t fox cut at least one show down to a two hour format and give Morgan Ortagus and Katie Pavlich a shot. Don’t forget Jackie Ibanez.

  12. Morgan is the most amazing beautiful sexy woman she has done a lot in her 35 years on this earth well-spoken well educated and a perfect role model for other women it would be great to sit down talk and listen to her about her great journey in life…anyone saying anything bad about her well you just suck

  13. We great respect to a beautiful human being, you are a perfect role model, intelligent and well-informed, very smart but above all you are a person who love our country. May God bless you and your family always.

  14. Just saw Morgan Ortagus and was struck by how beautiful & smart she came across. Having never seen her before I Googled her stats & came across this thread. It never ceases to amaze me that people actually take time out of their busy day to indulge in negativity towards others. And if you’re not busy – animal rescues and soup kitchens could use some help.

  15. Morgan Ortagus is a refreshing change to FOX. Saw her on OUTNUMBERED filling in. We also love young Katie P.too. Both women are bright, pleasant, and wonderfully articulate. Though please, get rid of Jessica Tarlov! Her voice is extremely irritating, as are her political viewpoints forcing us to change the channel. Pretty sure there are others better suited and far less irritating.

    1. So nice to see that I’m not the only viewer who absolutely can’t stand the sound of Jessica Tarlov’s grating voice. It’s awful to hear!

    2. You just hit it right on the nose. I can’t stand her VOICE, she just makes me upset, and I wonder why Fox hires her in the first place? She is just a total wreck!

  16. Morgan is stunningly BEAUTIFUL. She is also SUPER SMART. I AM SO GLAD FOX WAS INTELLIGENT ENOUGH TO HIRE HER. I look forward of years on FOX. Maybe someday when either Judge Jenine or Laura Ingrahm retires the can give Morgan her own show. She is such a pleasure to LOOK AT and listen to.

  17. I travel for a living and call home every time I get to a layover hotel. Morgan is smart, beautiful, and has a musical laugh. Her husband must love listening to her voice when he checks in.

  18. Brunette Morgan Ortagus is articulate, intelligent and well-informed…And a refreshing change from the more common “air-brushed”” blondes that have become a fixture in the Fox News cablescape.

    Not for nuthin’, but I just saw her for the first time this afternoon. Hope to hear more from her bright self.

  19. She’s a beautiful woman with a ton of good things to say. She’s grounded in logic, which is a problem for so many. I would say, why add to what cannot be improved with large, cheap-looking jewelry, and lip gloss that looks like Vaseline. I try to listen and not look. The makeup on the women is subversive though to their brains; especially Morgan’s. The Jesus rethoric the channel is over the top. Keep it to yourself, and walk the walk.

  20. After watching Judge Jeanne, I looked up Morgan Ortagus, to see what her to be called a National Security analyst.
    Lets see: she was some sort of beauty queen from Florida with
    a very limited education. Married a man with a ton of money that opened the door for other so called titles. Don’t see anything that
    would qualify her for anything except a beauty queen from Florida.
    my advise to her and Fox News, is to tone her appearance way down. She looks like a street girl that works in Wash. D. C. or New York. Surprised at Fox, letting her pose as a Security analyst.

    1. A “limited education”, you say? You are either delusional or ignorant, or both. She has two Master’s degrees and is an Officer in the United States Naval Reserves. From 2008-2010, she was an intelligence analyst at the U. S. Treasury in the Office of Intelligence and Analysis, primarily covering the Middle East and North Africa. Ortagus began her government service as a public affairs officer at the U. S. Agency for International Development, where in 2007 she spent several months in Baghdad, Iraq. She United States Treasury attaché to Saudi Arabia. After serving in Iraq, Ortagus was assigned to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 2010 as the Deputy U. S. Treasury Attache to the Kingdom. In this role, Ms. Ortagus focused on working with the Saudi Arabian government to curb the illicit financial flows to and from the Kingdom. She is extremely intelligent and stunningly beautiful. She does not look like “a street girl” as you so foolishly stated.

    2. Len…….If you think that her schools are some kind of rubber stamp schools of no consequence then that says more about your lack of sophistication than it does of hers.

    3. Lenny, Lenny, Lenny. Guess you didn’t read that she received a Master of Business of Administration from The Carey school at Johns Hopkins, but I’m sure that is way way way over your head. Read, learn that being brain dead liberal progressive just makes you an idiot and you’re really nit smart enough to realize that you are wasting time on earth. Poor Lenny. Keep watching Fox and maybe, just maybe you might learn something new.

    4. You’re an idiot Lou. Evidently you must have the 5-6 o’clock time frame set aside for your afternoon naps.

    5. Education :. She graduated from Florida Southern College in 2005 with a BS in Political Science. Otagus earned a Masters of Administration from the John Hopkins University in 2009.
      In 2013, she completed a Masters of Business Administration from the prestigious Carey Business School – John Hopkins University.

      If you honestly believe her education is limited, your education accomplishments must be so much more important.

    6. She has a masters she has a college degree she has done amazing things maybe you should look up and see what she has done and wow judging someone when you don’t even know the full facts wow

    7. I would love to debate you, but, I suspect,
      you would need an uber driver to find the location. You can borrow my Sherpa!!

      Carl Buck

  21. Morgan is the epitome of beauty and brains. And in the Navy too: I was a sailor. Would have been proud to serve with her. Fox has a gift for attracting the most beautiful and smartest women around. Good job people.

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