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George Sink Attorney :: Net Worth, Age, Lawyer Reviews, Biography, Wife

George Sink Injury Lawyers
Name George Sink

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Wikipedia Bio / Profile Background

Introduction :

  • Not many can claim to be a teacher, an army veteran, and a successful lawyer all in one life. But then George Sink is not your regular guy. He is the proverbial tough nut, much famous for his catchy commercials that air regularly on TV.
  • Sink is the CEO and Lawyer at George Sink, P.A. Injury Lawyers based out of North Charleston, South Carolina.
  • The law firm, founded in 1974, specializes in representing injured and disabled citizens and ensuring speedy compensation for all kinds of pain and suffering due to their medical bills, repair costs, lost wages, veteran’s benefits. Approximately 51 to 200 employees work there.
  • George was a people’s person and had a passion for helping people who were hurting in both the literal and figurative sense of the word.
  • This fuelled his desire to become a lawyer and helped him in his determination to help injured and disabled people.

Education : Qualifications, High School & College Info

  • George Sink has a Bachelor of Science degree (BS) from Western Michigan University in 1964. Later, he went on to pursue his Master’s degree in History from the same university in 1970.
  • He also has a Master’s degree in Business (MBA) from Western Michigan University which he secured in 1971.
  • From 1971 to 1974, he obtained a degree in Law from the Emory University in Atlanta.

Career, Job, Salary and Net Worth :

  • George has a fascinating career graph. He started his career by teaching in a school in Downtown Detroit for two years, in 1965 and 1966. Here, he taught English, Geography, and History to 7th and 8th graders.
  • When the opportunity presented itself, George signed up to volunteer his services for the Marine Corps and went to Vietnam despite having a draft-exempt job. He served the military for 2 tours of duty and retired as Captain after three years of active duty.
  • After returning from the Vietnam War, he became a lawyer and began practicing in 1974.

Personal Life, Parents and Family Details :

  • George was born and raised in Detroit. His father was a factory worker for the Chrysler Corporation, while his mother was a school teacher and also took piano lessons all her life. They had three children; George and two younger girls.
  • George is married to Jeannette, and the couple has two children.
  • His elder son, George. T. Sink Jr; who is called GT, is a graduate of Yale University and works for his law firm while his younger son Alex is a Computer Game Designer.

Interesting Facts, Height and Trivia :

  • George moved to the South because of the friends he made in the army when in Vietnam.
  • He says teaching the 7th and 8th graders was a challenging experience and compares it with the film The Blackboard Jungle, which is deemed to be a classic.
  • George’s father thought that his ambition of becoming a lawyer was too risky, but his determination prevailed.
  • The staff at his company handles all forms of personal injury cases and deal with insurance negotiations and discovering healthcare providers who are qualified to attend to the well-being of their clients.
Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB No confirmed information is available on the year he was born.

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  1. What was George Sink’s MOS (military obligation specialty) in the marine corps? All it ever says is he was a Captain and spent two years in Vietnam. What did he do in Vietnam?

  2. I chose George because he is still a Marine, our 2nd birthday is on the same day; Nov, 10th Marine Corp birthday. I also lived on Cadillac Blvd. in Detroit. I work at Blue Cross in Downtown Detroit.

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