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Glen Lerner Net Worth, Age (Attorney Bio Wikipedia) Height, Wife, House

how tall is glen lerner
Name Glen Lerner

Wedding / Glen Lerner Wife / Marriage Married. Check the full bio for relationship details.

Biography Profile / Fees & Settlements

Introduction :

Glen Lerner is a personal injury lawyer who practices in Nevada but has gained a national reputation due to his television commercials.

Personal Life : Parents, Family and Education

  • Glen was born in the Boston, Massachusetts area, & grew up in a sportive family.
  • A big fan of the Red Sox and the Patriots, she was a local soccer star in his area in his teenage years.
  • Education and Qualifications : After his high school graduation, Glen attended Dartmouth University, where he graduated in 1987 with a degree in Religious Studies.
  • During his time at Dartmouth, he also put his former soccer skills to the test and made it on to their NCAA Division 1 Mens National Championship team.
  • From Dartmouth, he then went on to attend Tulane University Law School in Louisiana.
  • It was in the Tulane community that he met the woman who would go on to be his wife.
  • After his marriage, Glen and his wife relocated to Nevada, and they had four children together.

Glen Lerner and Associates :

  • Glen started his firm ‘Glen Lerner Injury Lawyers’ in Las Vegas in 1992, after being admitted to the Nevada State Bar.
  • After seeing the success of other personal injury lawyers advertising on TV, he decided to try his hand at it, and his face became the new face of legal marketing, with his tagline being ‘Get Glen.’
  • The success of his commercials brought him national attention, rather than just from the Las Vegas area as he was expecting.
  • Currently, Lerner and his firm regularly defends clients through Nevada, California, Arizona, Indiana, and Illinois.
  • Glen employs 15 other attorneys and has advised that the reason his firm is so successful is mainly because they take a team approach to every case, as in – it’s not just one lawyer for each case, the whole firm handles every case!
  • In 1998, Glen co-founded the firm Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys alongside Kevin Rowe, a friend from his Tulane days. This firm is based in New Mexico.

2015 Sanctions :

  • In 2015, Glen faced sanctions on his ability to practice law after a judge ruled he had acted questionably while working a case over an oil spill settlement.
  • It was reported that Lerner was representing multiple clients who were to receive large payouts when he found out that an old college friend Lionel Sutton’s wife worked in the office that approved the checks to be sent out.
  • Lerner reportedly worked a scheme with Sutton and another friend Jon Andry, to get his own customer’s settlements expedited so that he would receive payment sooner.
  • After it became public knowledge that Lerner, Sutton, and Andry had all been college friends, they were investigated by the FBI who substantiated the complaints by finding emails between the three that discussed the scheme.
  • He was sanctioned in 2015 by Judge Freeh but was lucky to escape without being disbarred.
Birthday / How old is Glen Lerner Age As of 2024, he is around 59 years old. An old 2011 article on him in the Las Vegas Sun had mentioned his age as 47 back then.

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