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Leigh Spann Wikipedia, Age, Husband, Salary, Height, Family, Tampa Bio

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Name Leigh Spann

How old is Leigh Spann? / Age / Date of Birth / DOB June 20, 1979. As of 2023, she is around 44 years old. An interview in 2007, mentioned that she was a 28-year-old at that time. In June 2019, Leigh also posted a tweet on the occasion of her 40th birthday.

Wedding & Marriage / Husband / Engaged / Spouse / Partner Married. Check the full bio for relationship details.

Wiki Biography / Profile Background

Introduction :

  • Leigh Spann is a weather reporter and meteorologist for WFLA-TV.
  • She has worked for numerous TV stations over her career span & has won a few awards for her work.
  • Running the early morning weather reports, Leigh is known for early rising, reportedly getting up around 1:30 am each day.

Personal Life, Parents and Family Details :

  • Leigh grew up in a small town in Southern Georgia, but other details of her childhood are scarce.
  • Leigh Spann is married to her husband, who was a producer at WFLA. Besides this, she prefers to keep her family life out of the media spotlight.

Education : Qualifications, High School & College Info

  • She graduated ‘Magna-Cum-Laude’ from the University of Georgia in 2001 with a degree in Geography / Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology.
  • Leigh is both a Certified Broadcast Meteorologist & has The National Weather Association Broadcast Seal of Approval.

Profession : Career, Salary and Net worth

  • Starting at WMAZ in Georgia in 2002 & later also worked for WCBD. She started with WFLA in 2007. She first started as the Weekend Meteorologist there before moving into a Morning Meteorologist position.
  • Leigh won an Emmy in 2012 for her work in a TV special talking about hurricane preparedness in the show Hurricane Season 2012: A Special Report. She has also won an Award of Merit in South Carolina for “Weathercaster of the Year.”
  • Leigh often co-hosts the second half of the show NewsChannel 8 Today on Great 38 WTTA with co-worker Gayle Guyardo. This part of the show is titled Today Gr8 with Gayle and Leigh.
  • She is part of the group “Storm Team 8,” which is a meteorologist team working for WFLA – TV.

Leigh Spann Salary and Net worth :

  • As per Salary(dot)com, the average median salary of Meteorologists from Tampa is $95,602 per year. The salary range is $54,046 to $139,724 annually. ZipRecruiter gives the average salary for this position as $89,679/year, while the Indeed website mentions $77,124 annually for the same position.
  • Drawing from this data, we get a rough estimate of Leigh’s salary. Considering her work experience, her annual income will be higher than the figures mentioned above.

Fun Facts, Height and Trivia :

  • Leigh has a significant social media following with over 100,000 Twitter followers, 21,000+ Facebook followers and 2000+ Instagram followers.
  • She has completed two marathons, and several half marathons and is an avid runner, taking part in many local in popular events such as Gasparlilla Distance Classic.
  • A self-described animal lover, Leigh owns two dogs named Pickles and Emily.
  • She is a fan of the college football team – The Georgia Bulldogs.
  • Spann’s Twitter account mentions that she only has one cup of coffee a day.
  • On one of the shows she co-hosts, Leigh has used a Sensory Deprivation Tank, a device claimed to help with stress and promote reflection.
  • Her favorite Christmas movie is the film “Elf”. She often shares about food-based ‘days’ on her Facebook, with comments on local places that sell the items or her personal opinions of that food.

7 thoughts on “Leigh Spann Wikipedia, Age, Husband, Salary, Height, Family, Tampa Bio”

  1. I have watched Lee Spann for many years and really enjoy waking up to her weather report every day! She has a beautiful smile and a energetic and positive

  2. There is no one that gets the day started off right, except Leigh Spann!. She has such a positive vibe and has given me more information about the weather than any other Meteorologist. I love seeing her and hate when there is a fill-in but everyone is entitled to some downtime and Leigh certainly deserves a vacation!

  3. My husband and I both love her cheerful smile and report on the weather each day!. She reports on all the worst kind of weather reports, and also the best weather reports. Her personality & sweet smile helps to jump-start our day even if it is not a promising weather report.

    We miss her on her days off, and when she leaves for vacation.

  4. Leigh is my wife and mine’s favorite weather gal. She gets us started each morning with the weather report and bright smile, so even on not so good weather days, she is sure to make things brighter. We do love seeing her every morning!

  5. Dear Leigh Spann, I look forward to seeing you each morning on WFLA and your smiling face and Love of animals.

    Your friend Jim Linn
    Executive Producer

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